When it comes to luxury no wool fibre has more prestige than Cashmere. Originally named Pashm (Persian for wool) cashmere wool for textiles is obtained from the neck region of the Cashmere and other goats who have a double coat consisting of a soft underdown which mingles with a straighter much coarser protective hair. When clipped the soft down is separated from the hair to leave a super soft wool that provides a natural light weight insulation without the bulk of other wool fibres. At JY Textiles we manufacture cashmere quilts using a number of fabrics but our ultimate is a blended silk cotton jacquard with a sateen piped edge that makes this quilt simply the best money can buy.


  • Light weight
  • Good insulator
  • All the benefits of wool & camel
  • Super soft handle

Key Benefits

  • Naturally flame retardant
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Not conducive to dust mites
  • Great for natural temperature & humidity control
  • Super soft and comfortable, Suitable for all year use
  • Natural and renewable material.
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